Pricing policy

Tutoring services from Division One Academic and Language Services are generally invoiced and paid on casual (hourly) basis. 

Introductory offer

From time to time special introductory offers are available.  No special introductory offers are available currently. 

Casual rate

$40 for Primary level
$45 for lower and middle Secondary level
$50 for upper Secondary level
$55 for undergraduate Tertiary level
$60+ for postgraduate Tertiary level

The above prices are all-inclusive for a one-hour session, in the student's home (or other agreed venue), assuming travel time from the Ryde area is not excessive (e.g. within 20 min by car/train).

Travel fee

Travel fees in the case of 'excessive' travel is arranged by negotiation on a case-by-case basis. 

Group rate

If more than one student will attend the session, add a further $10 per student.

Bulk rate

There is no 'bulk rate', nor 'term fee', nor 'semester price'. 

However, there is a "Buy ten, get one free policy".  After ten hours, the next hour is complimentary.  

Cancellation policy

There is no penalty for cancellations made with more than 18 hours' notice, or with a medical certificate. 

If cancelling at short notice without a mitigating factor, a fee equal to half the hourly rate plus the full travel fee will be payable. 
Being more than 20 minutes late will be counted as a cancellation. 

Lateness policy

Billing starts from the agreed appointment time.  For example, if you are ten minutes late, then you still have to pay for my time waiting for you. 

Being more than 20 minutes late will be counted as a cancellation.  (See terms above.) 

Payment terms

Payment should be made by cash only (exact change is appreciated), unless by prior arrangement. 

For regular clients only: PayPal payment, credit card payment, or direct bank deposit/transfer can be arranged.