Division One Academic and Language Services offers professional, effective tutoring in the following domains:

  • mathematics — almost all levels (upper primary school, high school, and 1st-year university or TAFE). 
  • physics — all relevant levels (Year 11 & Year 12 of high school, and 1st-year university or TAFE). 
  • statistics — all relevant levels (Year 11 & Year 12 of high school, and 1st-year university or TAFE). 
  • chemistry — Year 11 & Year 12 of high school. 
  • science — primary school; Year 7 to Year 10 of high school. 
  • English fluency (IELTS etc.) — general comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, and composition;  particularly for ESL students or students lacking confidence. 
  • German — introductory level. 
  • Indonesian — introductory level.  


Tutoring usually involves helping the student to understand material being taught in their school or university classes.  Often that requires explanation of current topics and/or review of past topics. It is expected that the student will have already made their own attempt to cover the material as far as they can — tutoring can then 'fill in the gaps'.  

Occasionally the student is interested to look ahead to preview upcoming topics.  Nevertheless, tutoring generally is different from teaching.  

In any case, tutoring never involves doing the student's work for them.  The student is instead supported so that they can do the work themselves.  This is fair, and also a smart way to prepare for tests and examinations.  


Typically the tutoring will be conducted in your own home. Alternative venues can be discussed. 

Commonly serving the Northern suburbs / North shore / inner West area of Sydney, namely:

  • NORTHERN SUBURBS (Lower North):  Denistone;  Denistone East;  Denistone West;  Dundas;  Dundas Valley;  East Ryde;  Eastwood;  Epping;  Ermington;  Gladesville;  Macquarie Park;  Marsfield;  Meadowbank;  North Ryde;  Putney;  Ryde;  Tennyson Point;  West Ryde.
  • INNER WEST:  Concord West;   Gladesville;   Rhodes.
  • PARRAMATTA area:  Rydalmere, Parramatta.

Engagement for more distant suburbs can also be arranged, albeit subject to a higher travel fee.  

Special offers

See the Pricing article for any special offers currently available.